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We at 18Plus World Malaysia, your trusted sex shops online in Malaysia, prioritize your safety and your comfort. We make sure to check our Sex Toys for their safety and comfortability before launching our products, so our customers could enjoy the benefits without worrying about anything else.

Researchers and facts have proven that using sex toys not only gives you full satisfaction and could reach certain sensitive spots but using sex toys in Malaysia also could be a tool to exercise your sensitive parts, especially for women.

Customers have reviewed and mentioned how they enjoy the varieties of products from 18Plus, their best sex shop Malaysia on their partners, regardless of the genders. We also believe that anyone, with different sexuality, could play around and use our products, plus it helps you connect with your partner better.

There are some of our adult sex toy Malaysia products that are made specifically for sensitive skin because we would want to ensure that everyone can use our products. As for certain materials that have silicon-made, jelly-rubber, or hard plastic, it is important for you to always use mild soap and wipe it wet clean cloth, especially if the products are used with batteries. As for glass or stainless steel products, you can leave your products in boiling water for a few minutes to kill the bacterias. If you are sharing your tools with your partners, it is safe if it is covered with condoms for safety measures.

As you know that there are two categories for our Sex Toys Malaysia products. The first one who be the ones that are not using batteries. For these specific products, it can last for a lifetime if you really take care of it like making sure to get it cleaned and washed regularly and not being kept with bacterias for several hours to few nights.

Meanwhile, the ones that are used with batteries should also be cleaned, but with proper and gentle care so it doesn’t damage or disturb the batteries part. Regardless, our products are not as sensitive and they can last as long as you know how to take good care of them.